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[The Ornitologs]

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The Ornitologs are Peter Penguin (guitar), Theobald Turkey (vocals & bass), Daniel Duck (drums) and Roger Raven (vocals & guitar). They are based in Stockholm and or course they are birdlovers, but not your average ornithologists. To their fans in Sweden, the four members are more commonly known as "Köttgrottorna" (The Meatcaves). Since forming in 1983, Köttgrottornahas recorded numerous LP's and CD's as well as performed hundreds of times in Sweden. Köttgrottorna's roots are to be found within the punkmovement of the 70's. As members of The Ornitologs the band has a chance to experiment and move away from the characteristic sound of Köttgrottorna, the result being heavy guitarbased rock music, lightened by a humorous lyrical content.

The first time they appeared in Sweden, was as guest artists on Köttgrottornas first album - "Sex, Politik och Fåglar". The song "The Ornitologs" became popular with Köttgrottorna's audience and is played live by the same group. Now they have released a CD single with four tracks of their own.

There's a lot of secrecy and rumours around The Ornitologs. It is said that they formed in Finland 1992. Their last producer was apparently fired when he admitted to killing a seagull when he was young. As a compliment to traditional song practice, it is said that they also practice bird sounds in their studio. If that wasn't enough, they walk around dressed in mourning each easter. "Wasn't it enough to cucify Jesus? Now the chickens have to pay for it too!" a member of the band is known to have said as explanation.

CD EPs & Singles

[Ornitologs Free]
Free, Beat Butchers 1995, ORCDS 37
1. Free
2. I'm a Boy
3. I Don't Want To Play
4. Cash 4

Music by Peter Penguin, Theobald Turkey, Daniel Duck and Roger Raven. Words by Theobald Turkey and Stephen & Anna George. Produced by Kenneth Müller and The Ornitologs. Engineered and mixed by Kenneth Müller at Studio JAM in 1995. Mastered at Cutting Room. Art direction and design by Tomas Sandqvist.


Beat Butchers 1996 Promo, Beat Butchers OR-PROMOCD 1 CD, 1996. (Free)


If you want to contact the band directly, write to:

The Ornitologs
c/o Lars Jonsson
Erstagatan 18 1tr
116 36 Stockholm

Please include a self-addressed envelope with enough stamps (or international coupons) if you'd like a reply.

  Beat Butchers HB c/o Mårten Tolander Fredmansgatan 7a 1tr 118 47 Stockholm