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December 20th, 1996
Be sure to check out the Beat Butchers' Christmas '96 Giveaway! right now! (also available in Swedish)

November 7th, 1996
Radioaktiva Räker member Daniel Torro has left the band. Replacing him on guitar is Jimmy Petersson who previously played drums in the band Död TV.

November 2nd, 1996
The new single called "Bland Alla Dessa Drömmar" from Brandgul is released on November 18th! A video for the title track is also released.

October 30th, 1996
The new Åka Bil CD "Åka Bil" is out! Complete information can be found on their homepage.

The new single from Brandgul is called "Bland Alla Dessa Drömmar" and will be out extremely soon!

The Beat Butchers Label Discography has received a small face-lift to make it easier to read what it actually says on the page...

October 23rd, 1996
On Monday, october 28th at 19.00, Beat Butchers arranges a small and cosy release-party for Åka Bil at Söders Hjärta (Bellmansgatan 22) in Stockholm.

Coca Carola celebrates the November 25th release of their new CD, "Fem År Till Moped" with a grand release-party in Åkersberga on November 30th!

Tuk Tuk Rally breaks up! Here is the band's press release:
The circle is closed and the bag is full. It is time to close the books. It is time to end. Five years full of energetic song-writing comes to an end, and now we are taking different paths with our sights set on new projects.
Everything started once up on a time by a kitchen table with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, which later turned into various live performances, radio and tv-appearences. Happy days, dumb days, hectic days....
With this, we want to thank all those who have been there, who have turned our festival gigs into, to us, unforgettable memories, the few chief mourners for their brave support a pale tuesday night at Tre Backar and those who have bought our records.
With our feet steady on the ground and the flag at the top, we hereby announce that Tuk Tuk Rally no longer exists. Thanks and salute and later and goodbye! T.T.R 961021
Check the band's homepage for the news in Swedish.

October 21st, 1996
The first two pages in Swedish has been created today (more will follow). The first page is the Beat Butchers History page! Check it out now, by clicking right Here!. The second page is the brand new Lyrics page! The English version is right Here, and the Swedish version Here!

October 15th, 1996
The upcoming Coca Carola Compilation CD, with new and old material from the vinyl age has a title! "Fem År Till Moped"! Release is set for November.

October 3rd, 1996
23Till - The trio from Norrköping have decided to throw in the towel and retire to the vast and lonely fields. They celebrate this decision with a farewell concert at Kulturkammaren in Norrköping on October 26th and one in Stockholm at Tantogården on November 29th.

The reasons behind the break-up are somewhat mysterious, rumours say there were fights within the close circle of the band as well as rough infirmities of old age. Straight answers are impossible to get to the questions raised.
- I own the rights to the name, and I can't rule out that, within a couple of years, I'll go on tour accompanied by two 19-year old german musicians and play old 23TILL hits, says singer and guitarist Janne Abrahamsson.
Bass-player Micke Pihlblad refuses to comment the break-up and refers to his lawyer, who in turn looks at starting judicial proceedings.
For the drummer, Pär Andersson, the news about the break-up came as a surprise.
- But it suits me pretty well. The tough drum work has given me a nasty tennis elbow, he says.
Though all members of the band have hopes for pleasant farewell concerts. See 23TILL's homepage for the news in Swedish.

September 21st, 1996
A new Beat Butchers Mailorder list is in the making! In it, you will find a lot of new releases, as well as a big sale! To receive the mailorder list, please e-mail Beat Butchers now by clicking right HERE - and don't forget to write down your snail mail (normal post) address! This mailorder list is only available for those of you living in Sweden.

September 7th, 1996
Beat Butchers Gala at Kolingsborg
On October 12th, Beat Butchers arranges a grand gala at Kolingsborg in Stockholm (Address: Gula Gången, T: Slussen) from 16:30 to 00:30. The following Beat Butchers artists will play: Brandgul, Coca Carola, Hans & Greta, Köttgrottorna, Radioaktiva Räker, Roger Karlsson, The Solar Lodge, Svart Snö and Åka Bil!

Tickets are available from Week 38 at Skivakademin (Sergels Torg) Stockholm, Sound Pollution (Stora Nygatan 18, Gamla Stan) Stockholm - phone: +46-(0)8-10 66 60, Birdnest Records (Kolsvagatan 4) Köping - phone; +46-(0)221-282 00.

For more information, press passes etc. contact Beat Butchers:
Email: info(a)

Upcoming releases:
Åka Bil - New CD - October 28th.
Brandgul - Video and CD5 - Later this autumn.
Coca Carola - Compilation CD with new and old material from the vinyl age - November.
Köttgrottorna - New CD - January 1997.

August 27th, 1996
We can now announce a fantastic oportunity to see a large number of Beat Butchers bands - all on the same night! That's right! Write down October 12th in your calendar right now, because that's when! Where then? At Kolingsborg in Stockholm. Age then? No limit! Which bands are playing? All that can!. Ticket information, a time schedule and more information will be available right here as soon as possible! Media: For press-, photo- or film-passes, please e-mail us Now by clicking right Here! (info(a)

The release of the new Mini-CD from Åka Bil has been re-scheduled. The new release date is set for October 28th, 1996.

August 15th, 1996
We're currently working on a dedicated Beat Butchers Gig Guide, as the Beat Butchers bands are out playing a lot. Until this page is ready, you can check out the Scan-Indie Gig Guide where you'll find all gigs listed as well.

August 6th, 1996
If you want to check out Coca Carola and Köttgrottorna - both bands are playing in Stockholm at Hökarängen on August 16th! If you want to listen to Coca Carola, you can also check out Swedish national radio P3 LIVE on August 22nd (at 21:03) where their gig at the Arvika Festival (July 20th) will be broadcasted (together with the Archers Of Loaf gig)!

August 1st, 1996
The Beat Butchers Definitivt 50 Spänn 5 contest is closed and the winners are, as usual, presented on the contest page! Congratulations!

July 5th, 1996
The Beat Butchers The Solar Lodge contest is closed and the winners are presented on the contest page! Congratulations! (remember that the Definitivt 50 Spänn 5 contest is still open!

New upcoming gigs for Beat Butchers bands:
Brandgul - 8/7 Västervik.
Coca Carola - 16/8 Stockholm, Hökarängen (with Köttgrottorna).
Roger Karlsson - 27/7 Hallstahammar.
The Solar Lodge - 9/7 Stockholm, Kafé 44.

June 22nd, 1996
Times have been decided for Coca Carola's gigs at various festivals this summer. They play at 21:00 at the Kamikaze festival in Mariestad on July 6th. At 13:30 at the Dalarock festival in Hedemora on July 12th. At 15:00 at the Arvika festival in Arvika on July 20th. Time has yet to be set for the Tullakrok festival in Ängelholm.

You can see Tuk Tuk Rally perform in Motala on June 26th and then at the Westgotha festival in Trollhättan on August 2-3 this summer.

You can also see Brandgul perform at the Westgotha festival in Trollhättan on August 2-3.

If you are cool, you will go and see Svart Snö perform in Kolbäck on July 27th.

June 6th, 1996
Yet another contest opened today! This time it is the Definitivt 50 Spänn 5 compilation CD Contest! Two somewhat tricky questions are to be answered before July 20th, so go ahead - and Good Luck!

May 29th, 1996
The Beat Butchers Solar Lodge Contest is now Open! Click here to check it out! You have until July 1st to send in your answers, but when you see the questions, you will not be able to resist to send in your aswers right away!

The new (5th in the series) Definitivt 50 Spänn compilation CD is on the way on Rabb Records (Birdnest, Kamel and Beat Butchers). The release date is set to June 11th 1996, and of course the price is set to the low 50 SEK. The following bands and artists are included this time: Brandgul, Guineapigs, Human Error, Johan Johansson, Ellen Jamesians, Coca Carola, Svart Snö, Radioaktiva Räker, Hydrogenium, Sober, Robert Johnson, Köttgrottorna, DLK, Skumdum, Mögel, Charles, Åka Bil, The Solar Lodge, Roger Karlsson and Big Fish.

April 17th, 1996
Brandgul - is in the news with a video to their song "Kvicksilversand", to be released in May.

Coca Carola - will also release a video to their song "Tyrolershorts" next week and yet another video will be shot to their song "Livet" in June. They band will play at some festivals this summer: Mera Hitlåtar, Handen, June 1st. Kamikazefestivalen, Mariestad, July 6th. Arvikafestivalen, Arvika, July 20th and Tullakrok, Ängelholm, July 21st.

The Solar Lodge - will also release a video in the near future. For wich song? Well, that has yet to be decided.

Svart Snö - are on a small tour until April 21st. Swedish national radio, channel P3 will record a live performance with the band on May 3rd in Karlskrona. A broadcast date will be announced at a later date.

April 4th, 1996
The Beat Butchers 1996 Promo Contest is over and the winners are presented here. Congratulations! Your copy of the CD is in the mail, heading your way right now! Thanks to all those who participated - and stay tuned for an upcoming The Solar Lodge contest!

March 27th, 1996
Brandgul have changed their mind and will not release a new Mini-CD. Instead, they will release a Full-length CD! The name is the same as before, and it will have "Lyckopris", which means that it will have a lower price than normal CDs.

Guld-Lars from Köttgrottorna is now on the Internet, and if you want to contact him or the band directly, just send e-mail to

February 28th, 1996
Brandgul reports from the Bauhas studio, where they are recording their new Mini-CD, that they have decided on a name for it - "Champagne & Trumpeter, and a release date - April 9th.

Coca Carola is represented with one track on the CD "Svenska Band Hyllar Sator & Sator Codex" a tribute CD that comes free to all subscribers of the swedish music magazine Backstage. The track is the the Sator Codex song "Verkligheten" with swedish lyrics. The original track by Sator Codex was called "Reality".

February 7th, 1996
A new page for Svart Snö has been created. More info will be added to the page soon.

January 28th, 1996
The Beat Butchers 1996 Promo Contest is now Open! Click here for it! You have until March 28th, 1996 to send in your answers! You can also check out the 1996 Promo, with information and sound samples even if you don't want to enter the contest.

January 22nd, 1996
The title for Tuk Tuk Rally's compilation CD has been decided. It will be called "Då å Nu". The release date is still March 3rd, 1996.

January 14th, 1996
The release dates for a couple of new albums have been decided today.
Tuk Tuk Rally's compilation CD will be released on March 3rd, 1996, The Solar Lodge's CD "Fast money music" and Brandgul's Mini-CD will both be released on April 7th, 1996. All with midprice (Long live low record prices!).

Some release months for the autumn have also been decided.
Köttgrottorna will release a CD and Åka Bil a Mini-CD, both in August, 1996.

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